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Is the prospect of Christmas already driving you nuts? Are you already wondering how you will find the time, the energy and the money for Christmas? Do you sometimes wish you could ‘give it a miss’? Me too, and I’m the Vicar!


If the prospect of Christmas is already a source of anxiety for you then let me tell you about something I am proposing to do during ‘Advent’, the time traditionally spent ‘waiting’ for the arrival of Christmas, the birth of Jesus.


I am keeping Tuesday evenings free during Advent, and I won’t be using them to go Christmas shopping! Instead, from 7.30pm until 8.30pm, I plan to sit in Whimple Church, enjoy some quiet space in the sacred surroundings of this beautiful village church and simply wait. Would you like to join me?  Nothing will be expected of you other than to sit quietly. We might light some candles; we might listen to the odd piece of soft music; we might hear a short poem or a verse or two from the Bible. But mostly, we’ll be quiet. And, in doing so, while the world goes mad around us, my hope is that we’ll recover a sense of perspective, come home to ourselves and find some joy and peace in simply ‘being’ and waiting.


Tuesdays in Advent:

5th, 12th and 19th December 2017

7.30pm in Whimple Church


Contact Chris for more details - 01404 822427

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Thy Kingdom Come

On Saturday 27th May, a group of enthusiastic prayer-walkers roamed the lanes, fields and churches of the four villages praying ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, starting in Talaton and heading to Whimple (for coffee and cake), Clyst St Lawrence (for the loo!), Clyst Hydon (for a picnic lunch) and back to Talaton (for more tea and cake and the loo again). Over the course of the day, 25 or so people joined us, including the young and the not quite so young. 


Many thanks to all who came. Special thanks to Tim and Sheila, our intrepid leaders, for organising the route and the prayer resources. Thanks too to Mary and team for the delicious cakes at Whimple, to Hannah, David, Jenny and Graham for the welcome use of their facilities (!), to Hannah for the cold water and oranges, and to Sarah and Chris Jones for providing the very welcome cuppa over lunch together. Definitely worth doing again!

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