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From the Curate's Study

Hello my friends,


It is with deep regret and much sadness I have to inform you that from now on all of our churches are to be closed until further notice on the advice of our Bishop, Robert. We cannot ask volunteers to lock and unlock them or encourage others to use them for prayer in this period of lockdown. As you can imagine this is unprecedented in living memory and feels like a huge blow to us all. However, God is and never has been limited to any building, in a real sense he walks with us all in our daily lives, listens to our prayer and the cries of our hearts. He walks with us now in our time of anxiety and struggle.


Please know the leadership teams of our churches and I are holding you in prayer, we are still working to keep in contact with you and our new YouTube channel will be added to regularly, not just with Sunday services but with a whole range of other material such as reflections on scripture, a new feature called 'Wondering on a Wednesday’, which is a short segment on facts and figures about church life and some other hopefully fun and entertaining stuff. You can find it on YouTube at From the Curate's Study. Or here:


At the moment this is the most effective way we can keep in touch with people and it seems to be working, over 160 people watched the last Sunday service, this is far more than actually attend our Sunday services, this is amazing!  God is working to help us build community even in these dark times. So share the channel details with your neighbours, friends and family, there are going to be many, many people who are looking for hope and reassurance across our country and this provides a way that we can reach out, far beyond our parishes, to spread God's love.


If you sign into YouTube (which is free), you can subscribe to the channel and sign up for notifications, it will then alert you whenever we post new material. You can also 'Like' the posts which will mean it will bring the channel up whenever you log on to YouTube (I think!).


Please do ring you neighbours and friends and provide all the support you can, it is amazing what a blessing a friendly voice on the phone can be.


I will keep in touch with you via email, telephone and YouTube, we are going to weather this storm together.


Do not hesitate to contact me for any reason.


God bless you and keep you.




Rev Marc Kerslake

Assistant Curate.

Churches4All Mission Community.

Whimple, Talaton, Clyst Hydon, Clyst St Lawrence.


01404 822104.


I aim to respond to emails as promptly as possible, but be aware I do not check them on a Friday after 5pm or on a Saturday as it is my day off.



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