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Steve Godsiff

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Dianne Goodwin


I was born in Middlesbrough, in the North East of England. Early memories include going with my Granddad to watch Yorkshire play cricket at the cricket ground near his house then going back for tea which always included cold stewed rhubarb and custard.


I started my working life as a teacher and taught Maths in a very large comprehensive school in Elland. I lived near Holmfirth, (Last of the Summer Wine) for 12 years and got to know the film crew very well, helping out with catering on location a couple of times.


I moved to the South of England when I joined the Immigration Service, which is how I met my husband Mike. Mike always wanted to return to his home county of Devon which we did  20 years ago just before our son Matthew was born.

“I was baptised a Catholic and attended a Catholic Primary school run by nuns which was quite strict. I can remember weekly visits on Monday mornings by the Parish Priest who would ask lots of questions about his sermon during Mass. If you couldn’t answer them you were in big trouble.


As a teenager I began to question my faith, especially after studying the Reformation and  other religions that emerged in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.  I became very disillusioned with religion after my mum died and got out of the habit of going to church although I always felt there was something keeping me going, especially when things were going wrong.

I didn’t want to put pressure on Matthew to attend Church in the same way as I had been as a child but he was one of the reasons for returning to Church. His attendance at Impact brought me into contact with church again, both Mike and I had for years lost much of our faith and now saw this as a good time to try to find God again. We came to Whimple Church as it was our village Church and I found the services less regimental than those in the Catholic Church. I felt I needed to give something back and took on the role of Admin Assistant for the Mission Community. I am also a member of one of the Celebration Service teams





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Gerri Turner

Gerri is one of the Churchwardens at St Mary's Church.  She is a member of the PCC and has special responsibility for Planned Giving

Gerri is also a member of the Choir

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