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Rev Chris Martin

Welcome to the Churches 4All Mission Community website. I’m Chris and I am the priest-in-charge of the Mission Community, which comprises the villages of Whimple, Talaton, Clyst Hydon and Clyst St Lawrence. I’m married to Tina and together we have three growing up daughters, Em, Anna and Katie, which is largely why I have lost most of my hair (making me look older than I really am) and why my wallet is usually empty!

I discovered that God was real whilst at university in Bristol aged 19. I still love sharing my story about how that happened. I felt called to ordination almost immediately but my vicar gave me some sound advice…go and get a proper job first! So I did and finished my degree before training as a Chartered accountant. After 6 years in an accountancy practice, I then spent 9 years in financial training before the call to ordination returned, as I knew it would, and trained for ministry at Trinity College Bristol before being ordained in 2009, serving my curacy in rural south Norfolk.

I’m a passionate Welshman and, as a result, a love of rugby union, singing and Brains beer appear to flow in my bloodstream. I like to describe myself as just an ordinary chap and a rubbish Christian, who by grace has found some faith in an extraordinarily loving, faithful and forgiving  God.

I hope to have the chance to welcome you to one of the churches here and pray that you too might know the grace of God as you visit.

The Rectory
Grove Rd
01404 822427
Marc profile

Marc Kerslake

I was born in Exeter and when I was around seven my family moved out to Crannaford (between Broadclyst and Rockbeare). I grew up with chickens, an old tractor, a donkey, cats and acres of the local farmers’ fields and stream to roam around in.

When I left college I went to work for the family feed  business, supplementing my income with working as a doorman in pubs and clubs in Exeter. It was through my time ‘on the doors’ I met my Angie, my wife of 25 years, and she encouraged me to follow my dream of becoming a police officer.  I left the force in 2002 and became a landscape gardener. We have four amazing boys Jack, Sam, Max and Dan who are the light of our lives.”

How did you find faith in Christ?

“While I was a beat officer in Surrey I helped train another officer (Robin) who was a Christian; despite my militant atheism he patiently talked with me about his faith and we became great friends. Many years later, after we had lost touch, he contacted me out of the blue when I was going through a tough time. He came to visit, stayed for a weekend with his family and we talked through a growing feeling I had been experiencing of God’s presence in my life. We prayed together and overnight everything in my life seemed to change.”

What difference does being a Christian make to your life? ?

“ I often recall how waking the morning after Robin and I prayed together the whole world looked different, like being able to see the roots of a tree running under the soil beneath my feet when I look down from the branches. I can see the patterns and weave of life even when I often don’t understand them fully and am more open to the wonder of the world. Things are sometimes still tough, in fact I think perhaps sometimes life has been tougher since I came to faith: hard choices to be made and a difficult path to walk, but one full of wonder and beauty made more glorious understanding what I am part of.


01404 822104
Dianne profile

Dianne Goodwin


I was born in Middlesbrough, in the North East of England. Early memories include going with my Granddad to watch Yorkshire play cricket at the cricket ground near his house then going back for tea which always included cold stewed rhubarb and custard.

 I started my working life as a teacher and taught Maths in a very large comprehensive school in Elland. I lived near Holmfirth, (Last of the Summer Wine) for 12 years and got to know the film crew very well, helping out with catering on location a couple of times.

 I moved to the South of England when I joined the Immigration Service, which is how I met my husband Mike. Mike always wanted to return to his home county of Devon which we did  20 years ago just before our son Matthew was born.

“I was baptised a Catholic and attended a Catholic Primary school run by nuns which was quite strict. I can remember weekly visits on Monday mornings by the Parish Priest who would ask lots of questions about his sermon during Mass. If you couldn’t answer them you were in big trouble.

 As a teenager I began to question my faith, especially after studying the Reformation and  other religions that emerged in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.  I became very disillusioned with religion after my mum died and got out of the habit of going to church although I always felt there was something keeping me going, especially when things were going wrong.

I didn’t want to put pressure on Matthew to attend Church in the same way as I had been as a child but he was one of the reasons for returning to Church. His attendance at Impact brought me into contact with church again, both Mike and I had for years, lost much of our faith and now saw this as a good time to try to find God again. We came to Whimple Church as it was our village Church and I found the services less regimental than those in the Catholic Church. I felt I needed to give something back and took on the role of Admin Assistant for the Mission Community. I am also a member of one of the Celebration Service teams.

01404 823476
Gerri profile

Gerri Turner

Gerri is one of the Churchwardens at St Mary's Church.  She is a member of the PCC and has special responsibility for Planned Giving

Gerri is also a member of the Choir

01404 822587
Ian profile

Ian Spicer

Ian is one of the Churchwardens at St Mary's, Whimple.


He is married to Maggie and has two sons, Charlie and Adam.

01404 823640
Charlie profile

Charlie Hutchings

I moved to Larkbeare in 1999 with my wife (Julia) and daughter (Jo) to run our Georgian house as a fabulous bed and breakfast, following a career in hotels.  We run the B&B full time and also have a modern self-catering property on site.  Jo is now at university and gets roped in when back home but we all love being in East Devon.  In addition to the role of Church warden, I am treasurer for Talaton church.

01404 822205
Chris profile

Chris Jones

Chris is the Church Warden for St Andrews Church, Clyst Hydon. He moved with his wife Sarah to Clyst Hydon (Sarah was born in the village) some 8 years ago and now run a family business selling juices. They have three children and a two grandchildren.


Darren profile

Darren Clifton-Jones

Darren is the Churchwarden for St Andrew's Church in Clyst Hydon.  He is also the vice-chair for the PCC.

Clyst Hydon
01884 277964
Hannah profile

Hannah Foster

Scorlinch Farm
Clyst St Lawrence
EX15 2NJ
Ray profile

Ray Taylor

Clyst St Lawrence
01404 822351

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