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Round a table and over a pint

Mon, 25 Mar, 2019, 8pm @ Thisty Farmer, Whimple
Round a table and over a pint

Round a Table and over a Pint

When? Monday 25th March at 8.00pm

Where? Thirsty Farmer

Do come along to join the discussion


8pm in the Thirsty Farmer.
We will be round the corner on the right (restaurant area) as you come in.

AI – and that is Artificial Intelligence

A discussion on power and control, AI, and social media. E.g. “Facebook, Twitter and similar social media platforms provide vast new opportunities for freedom of speech. Yet these platforms also exert unprecedented control over what types of speech are allowed.”

  • In the coming decades, humanity could hand over its autonomy to digital systems most people neither fully comprehend nor control.
  • Technological change promises consequences both economic and moral.
  • Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, engineers are building systems that are as good as or better than humans at accomplishing a range of tasks.


Contact Phil for more details - 01404 822163

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